Spreadsheet for Finance Personnel Course south africa

Spreadsheet for Finance Personnel Course

This Spreadsheet for Finance Personnel course offered by Garvey Africa Institute covers various functions, features and tools that are invaluable in the finance sector. It show they work and illustrates their application in varied practical finance settings. The course includes the design and implementation of financial modelling using spreadsheets and programming techniques. This Spreadsheet for Finance Personnel course shows how good design skills combined with a mastery of spreadsheet functions leads to efficient, user-friendly, maintainable, robust, responsive and error-free financial spreadsheets. The focus of the course is on developing skills in translating financial models into spreadsheets and programs using Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). In essence this Spreadsheet for Finance Personnel covers assessment of common financial and investment models, spreadsheet integration, coding and interfaces in financial applications; using a hands-on approach. It equips participants with necessary skills and techniques to apply required spreadsheet features to make better financial decisions.

Who Should Attend this Course?

Professionals who work in finance field who use spreadsheets on a daily basis and professionals and finance professionals who in need of improving their spreadsheet skills.

Learning Outcomes

The skills participants will successful learn include:

  • Operations such as organizing spreadsheets, entering numbers and text,
  • Performing calculations, creating and editing charts
  • Using various statistic, financial and other commands
  • Basic and advanced financial models from both conceptual and computational perspectives
  • Developing skills in developing financial models to solve financial problems and solving them with Microsoft Excel and VBA
  • Utilising and integrating spreadsheet functionalities, programming, and interfaces in financial applications
  • Developing skills in designing, coding, and debugging computer programs