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Public Procurement, Supply Chain and Contracts Management Course

This Public Procurement, Supply Chain and Contracts Management course takes an integrated approach to the management of procurement within the public sector and equips participants with tools, techniques and skills that will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of public procurement in their work environment. The course provides a useful practical overview of public procurement and supply chain management. It covers the regulatory and legal frameworks, institutional arrangements and procurement methods. This Public Procurement, Supply Chain and Contracts Management course links the dependence of public procurement effectiveness on related public finance management performance, the assessment of public procurement performance, the use of information technologies, inventory and warehouse management, the role of the market, opportunities for corruption and the employment of preference programs to address social imbalances. It includes contract management and covers contract variations.

Who Should Attend this Course?
  • Professionals involved in any procurement and supply chain management activities within the public sector, or planning a career in this field
  • Public sector officials involved in public procurement and related areas who need to improve their understanding of public sector procurement
  • Any professional responsible for purchasing at a mid to senior level who seeks to further enhance their skills
  • Suppliers of goods and services to public entities
  Benefits of this course This course helps participants:
  • Understand supply chain management definitions, concepts and methodologies
  • Identify various components of supply chain systems
  • Know public sector procurement regulatory environment and relevant applicable procedures
  • Acquire analytical skills to understand principles and fundamentals governing public procurement: regulatory and legal principles driving fairness, equity, transparency and accountability
  • Realise how efficiency and effectiveness can be achieved using suitable procurement methods
  • Appreciate the role of procurement in supply chain management
  • Be familiar with the main institutional arrangements
  • Be aware of the procurement cycle and understand its stages and processes
  • Understand characteristics of different contract types and the potential consequences of adopting each
  • Be able to align the procurement, finance and other organisational functions for optimal efficiency
  • Understand inventory and warehouse management