International Financial Reporting Standards-AIS 40 Investment Property Course (Pretoria, SA)

This course helps participants to gain an overview of IFRS and a solid working knowledge of both the fundamentals and detailed workings of IAS 40 Investment Property. Cognizant of the constantly changing IFRS landscape, the course ensures that professionals in this field are up to date with changes on the standards. This course focuses on the accounting and reporting of investment property in accordance with IFRS.

Who Should Attend this Course?

  • Preparers of IFRS financial statements in need a strengthening their skills and knowledge on the fundamentals of financial statement preparation
  • Accountants and Financial Analysts• Financial Managers and Directors• All Finance personnel
  • Auditors of financial statements prepared in terms of IFRS
  • All professionals who want to stay up to date with current requirements of IFRS

Learning Outcomes

The course helps participants:

  • By providing insights and updates on IFRS
  • To apply IFRS to key elements of financial reports
  • To distinguish investment property from other assets of an entity
  • To identify when items of investment property qualify for recognition in financial statements
  • To measure items of investment property on initial recognition and subsequently
  • To present and disclose investment property in financial statements
  • To identify when an item of investment property is to be derecognized or transferred to another classification of asset, and account for that derecognition or transfer
  • To demonstrate an understanding of significant judgements that are required in accounting for investment property.