Advanced Project Management course short courses in South Africa

Garvey Africa Institute Offered Advanced Project Management Course

This Garvey Africa Institute offered Advanced Project Management course results from the appreciation that numerous projects have caused high additional cost for society both during and after they have been implemented hence the need to sharpen skills for addressing such shortcomings. A project is necessarily part of a highly complex interrelated system and this poses risk for their success. Therefore, projects ought to be implemented appropriately as their failure has far reaching impacts on economies and societies. This advanced course on Project Management equips participants with invaluable skills for managing projects in their entirety.

Who Should Attend this Course?

This Advanced Project Management course is designed for project management professionals, project leaders, researchers, development practitioners, managers and decision-makers who are responsible for organization-level project analysis.

Learning Outcomes

The Advanced Project Management course helps participants:

  • Deepen understanding of project conception, initiation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation and how these processes integrate with strategic management and project management
  • Gain knowledge of the principles and methodologies of project analysis, monitoring and evaluation
  • Learn how to integrate gender issues in project management
  • Reinforces skills in business case analysis
  • Strengthen skills in various way of evaluating
  • Understand risk analysis and management in projects
  • Apply advanced competencies to improve or set up a functional analysis and evaluation frameworks for projects