Economic Modelling and Forecasting

Economic Modelling and Forecasting Course (Pretoria, South Africa)

Economic modelling and forecasting are among the most important tools for policy making today in quantifying impacts of various policies on the economy. This course Economic Modelling and Forecasting is designed to streng then participants’ macroeconomic modelling and forecasting skills through the application of standard economic and econometric techniques. It covers fundamentals of economic theory and econometrics necessary to build a macroeconomic model that can be used for macro economic policy analysis and forecasting. This Garvey Africa Institute offered Economic Modelling and Forecasting course presents topics from an applied angle, demonstrating techniques using economic modelling packages like E-views.

Who Should Attend this Course?

  • This course is well-suited for staff of central bank research division, macroeconomic policy analysis division in ministries of finance/development/planning and statistics offices
  • The course is also relevant for economists, researchers, policy analysts, academics, commentators, development planners, government employees and any individuals dealing with issues related to macroeconomic analysis, modelling and forecasting

Learning Outcomes

The course helps participants:

  • Understand the elements of economic theory and econometrics that are needed to construct a macroeconomic model
  • Strengthen macroeconomic modelling and forecasting skills
  • Build different macroeconomic models using real life practical examples
  • Understand other forecasting techniques