accommodation fecilities at garvey institute in africa

There are many appropriately located and affordable Guest houses, hotels and lodges in Pretoria to choose from. We provide you with a list of those we recommend and make provisional bookings for you if need be. However you are free to make your own choice as and when you want to. Some of the hotels to choose from are;

a. Zemara
b. Pretoria Hotel
c. Manhattan Hotel
d. Arcadia Hotel
e. Hotel 224

Health cover and insurance

Health Insurance covered by Capacity Building institute in Africa

All participants are responsible for their health and insurance cover for the duration of the course.

Study Trips (Excursions) 

tours-and-trips fecilities at Garvey Short Courses institute in-africa

The training includes trips to places of interest. Every delegate is entitled to such and arrangements are made and transport provided by Garvey Africa Institute. 



Garvey Africa Institute offers lunch and tea/coffee and eats during breaks, you are requested to advise us of your food preferences and we will provide you with exactly that.

Cost of living


Food approximately costs between US20 and US30 per person per day in Pretoria Budget Accommodation costs about US$50 per day in Pretoria.

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