Financial Management for Donor Funded Projects

Course Description

This course equips participants with skills to become efficient and effective in the acquisition and utilisation of funds for development purposes, using appropriate techniques and application of finance principles in grant management. This programme promotes improved compliance with financial reporting and control requirements of the organisation as well as international finance institutions by synchronising accounting and financial management procedures. It includes sound project financial management that provides critical financial information for effective decision-making. The course helps participants to strengthen competencies necessary for planning, designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating an integrated project finance management system that is suitable for efficient and effective delivery of project objectives.

  • Project directors, finance directors, finance managers, procurement directors, procurement managers, procurement officers, administrators, project officers, budget accountants
  • Officials engaged in the design and implementation of development projects in the organisations that are major recipients of donor funds.

By the end of the course, participants should be able to:

  • Design various components of an integrated project financial management system with corresponding modules/procedures for planning and budgeting, accounting, financial reporting, internal control, auditing, procurement and disbursement
  • Identify factors influencing optional design of a project financial management system
  • Explain financial sustainability in projects
  • Appraise project funding
  • Develop a project log frame
  • Write project reports
  • Assess effectiveness in donor funds use and legal provisions guiding procurement function
  • Design and implement donor funds budgets
  • Identify projects requiring donor funding
  • Develop project proposals
  • Monitor and evaluate project funded by donors
  • Understand compliance with standards, legal and administrative framework
  • Introduction to financial management of donor funds
  • Overview of grants management cycle
  • Project strategic thinking
  • Project cycle, conceptual challenges and relevant project documentation
  • Factors influencing optional design of a project financial management system
  • Financial management framework for donor funded projects
  • Project financing
  • Financial sustainability in projects
  • Project funding appraisal
  • Developing project log framework and good governance in project
  • Developing project log framework
  • Good governance in project financial management
  • Integrated reporting for projects
  • Donor funds objectives
  • Procedures of donor funds disbursements
  • Planning of revenue and management of cash
  • Costing and strategies of cost reduction
  • Management of supplies and procurement
  • Prepare and interpret financial statements and donor funds reports
  • Budgets and budgets control
  • Donor funds planning and budget controls
  • International aid offers evaluation
  • Plan, budget, implement and manage donor funds
  • Role of donor funds management
  • Detection and prevention of fraud
  • Donor assets management
  • Management of investments
  • Risk assessment
  • Financial risk analysis techniques
  • Control frameworks and monitoring of risks
  • Regular independent audits and financial reporting
  • Financial and information systems
  • Compliance monitoring and quality assurance
  • Independent project and programs evaluation
  • Governance and anti-corruption agenda
  • Disclosure and information access
  • Project Management reports

The training approach is highly interactive. It uses a mixture of presentations by the facilitator and by participant(s), group or individual exercises, use of case studies and role plays. These proven learning techniques enhance understanding and retention of covered issues.