Democracy, Governance and Human Rights

Democracy, Governance and Human Rights.

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Advanced Management & Policy Development

Conflict Resolution

Court Management and Judiciary Administration

Decentralisation and Community Driven Development


Devolution and Governance in the africa Context

Disarmament, Demobilisation, and Reintegration Programme

Drafting Legal Documents

Elections, Democracy and Succession in Africa

Environemental Law Analysis

Ethical Issues in the Judiciary Systems

Executive and Governance

Good Governance

Good Governance and CSR in Mining

Good Governance and Property Rights

Good Governance in Post-Conflict Societies

Good Governance, Democracy and Human Rights

Governance and Public Participation

Human Rights

International Mediation

International Relations & Diplomacy

Judiciary and Governance

Land Governance for Sustainable Development

Legal Compliance Monitoring

Legislature and Governance

Parliamentary Administration

Policy Analysis and Strategic Implementation

Policy Analysis for Parliamentarians and  Policy-Makers

Post Conflict Reconciliation and Nation Building

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