Short Term Courses Institute Africa

Garvey Africa Institute is a training institution registered in South Africa with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC). It contributes towards meeting the continent’s ongoing training and skills development needs through offering diverse professional short, medium and long term courses designed to address the performance needs of the private sector, Governments, Parastatals, Community Based Organisations (CBOs) and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs).

Garvey Africa Institute Location

The Garvey Africa Institute headquarters are in Pretoria South Africa where we deliver most of our face-to-face training. We also offer training in Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg Dubai, Kigali, Accra and in Port Louis and in any country preferred by our delegates. We also offer online/virtual training, inhouse training and bench-marking.

Garvey Africa Institute’s Vision

To become the trailblazing, open, honest and highly quality conscious capacity development and skills training and enhancement institution, revered and appreciated by all stakeholders

Garvey Africa Institute Mission

To contribute to society through pursuing capacity development, training and skills enhancement with excellence and integrity.

Garvey Africa Institute Values 

Accountability, Commitment, Diversity, Excellence, Integrity and Respect

Garvey Africa Institute Promise

Garvey Africa Institute promises to help individuals, groups and organisations realize their goals through training that satisfies their skills demands. The people we train develop into effective and responsible players in their organization and communities.

Garvey Africa Institute Belief

At Garvey Africa Institute we currently offer over 175 courses in more than 19 different subject areas. We believe that any training or learning intervention should show a significant return on investment, be it increased knowledge, performance, profitability or efficiencies. More importantly, that the process of learning requires a conducive environment, excellent care and knowledgeable facilitators and Garvey Africa Institute offers that in abundance.