We offer Capacity Development Training in the form of short courses to Governments, NGOs and the Private Sector across Africa

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We target the continuous capacitation and skills enhancement of individuals, groups, institutional staff and decision-makers across the continent and beyond, be they in Government, Parastatals, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), the private sector, Community Based Organisations (CBOs) and beyond.


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Welcome to Garvey Africa Institute

Garvey Africa Institute is an international training institution spearheading Management, Finance, Governance, Leadership, Administrative, Health, Development and Research training and consultancy.
The establishment of Garvey Africa Institute was a direct response to Africa’s rising need for capacity development and skills enhancement through apt short, medium and long-term courses and to trail-blaze sustainable development through anticipating and finding solutions to challenges of the future.

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We offer public and private training in numerous centres within South Africa and anywhere in the
world as per our clients’ (delegates) request.

It is Garvey Africa Institute’s sincere conviction that people’s lives can be transformed significantly through the efforts of personnel equipped with appropriate and time compliant skills. In that regard, we work closely with individuals and institutions making them aware and helping them choose training programmes that best suit their specific training needs.

Capacity Development

The efforts of Garvey Africa Institute complement those of numerous academic and capacity development and research institutions, the private and public sector, various regional and continental bodies and the UN especially its Millennium Development Goals, in fighting extreme poverty and hunger, promoting education, health and gender equality through training and skills development of citizens of the world, policy formulators and implementers, investors, workers and all drivers of sustainable development. All Garvey Africa Institute programmes respond to the demands of different fields and proffer solutions using appropriate current methodologies. Gender, Information Technology Skills Enhancement and use of Computers are mainstreamed in all Garvey Africa Institute programmes.

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